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Service Overview

Just like purchasing a car, there is not a single best solution speaking of car insurance work and private work.  Be sure that the price is not the only aspect you consider while selecting your vehicle insurance. You have a wide range of policies, and you should shop around to ensure that you select a product and service that suits your circumstances and requirements. Just like all insurances, before signing the insurance agreement, you should read the policy document and the product disclosure statement and be sure you ask your insurer about any aspects of the policy. 

 At Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel, we have nurtured positive relationships and regard within the NSW insurance network and have experience in dealing with a wide range of national and domestic service providers. It is our pleasure to execute the administration and negotiation of your claim for you, so you can spend your time as you generally would, lessening disruption and enhancing effectiveness.  At Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel, we make it our top priority to provide you the most comfortable and contoured experience possible.  This is why we take it upon ourselves to be the direct contact with your insurance broker.

Why Choose Us

This convenience assurance doesn’t stop here! We make an effort to be as effective as possible with our repairs to lessen the time your car spends off the road. With Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel, your vehicle will experience the quality attention and care it requires with a fast, skilled turnaround. At Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel, we are very serious about the staffs we hire. We hire only the experienced professionals that are serious about offering the best level of care for your vehicle.

Panel Beating Bohnock
Panel Beating Bohnock

Your Benefits

Not only do they have the skills, experience, specialist methods and right training, but they are also passionate and serious about restoring the quality.  Our attention to detail and delivering quality service are as high or even high than any dealer. As we are passionate about cars, there is always a mechanic available to discuss with you in detail the specifications of the repair you are looking for. Regardless of the make and model of your car, we are well versed and ensure we offer you precisely what you expect, and that is nothing but the best. 

The cover offered as part of a commercial car insurance work & private work have a tendency to be more specialized, specifically in the case of a detailed policy, and we will provide you a brief overview of what it might cover, based on the policies we have to offer. 

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