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Let's Introduce Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel

At Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel, we are committed to top quality and friendly service that is reasonable. We service trucks, commercial vehicles, family cars and prestige vehicles. We keep on updating and expanding our equipment to suit contemporary vehicles. We are fully equipped mechanical engineers and auto electricians.  

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Our staffs are quite friendly and we serve our customers with personal care. We cater for all kinds of Japanese, European and local makes and models.

Our Approach

We are your one-stop shop for all your automotive requirements in Taree and the entire NSW area. If it got wheels on it, it is what we specialize in.  We provide car repairs in Taree and much more at a reasonable affordable rate that will get you back o the road with minimum trouble. 

Moreover, we treat everyone with utmost respect. If there is an issue, we will explain what is simply wrong and honest. We offer a complete range of services from mechanical servicing to auto electrical repairs and servicing, clutch and brakes repair. 

Our Approach

Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel has been serving Taree in windscreen repairs, window repairs and other repairs for years. Our experts are available around the clock through our comfortable mobile service!  Our windscreen experts are well known in the industry. We accommodate most of the vehicles from trucks and cars to sports to luxury cars. 

We repair before replacing the windows or the windscreens if it is considered safe. Moreover, we offer a repair satisfaction assurance. We work at affordable prices, even beating the recommended retail prices of our competitors.  As a company, we are committed to growth with the growing economy.

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