The Complete Car Restoration Services in Taree at Rapleys Custom Paint & Panel

Service Overview

There is nothing more enchanting than a timeless car restoration getting done by the best car restorers near you at your convenience.  Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel offers customers the best car restoration services with precise attention to detail maintaining the real authentic value of your car at any cost and returning a brand new vehicle to you. With years of proficiency in timeless car restoration services, our car mechanics are experts in car restoration in Taree. Whether it is the upholstery or the motor rework, we at Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel offer attention to the minute details while restoring your car in its timeless looks and decorum. 

We maintain the unique attraction of your car making it look the same as you have rolled it out of the showroom, brand new and gleaming. Our proficiency in the field of car restoration has made us the most coveted services in the entire Taree and NSW area and offers the most cost-efficient pricing all across these suburbs.  While restoring a car, we put immense focus on maintaining as many of the original features and components as possible so the finished car is a repaired original instance. 

Why Choose Us

Efficient and speedy timeless car restoration services along with offering the most affordable prices by making use of sophisticated tools, top quality equipment and software, we at Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel offer the best car restoration service to our customers. No matter what kind of car restoration services you are looking for, we have got you covered. For the most affordable quotes to avail for the most cost-efficient and effective timeless car restoration services, give us a call anytime or you can email us.  Moreover, don’t hesitate to browse our comprehensive services to avail the best offers. 

Panel Beating Bohnock
Panel Beating Bohnock

Your Benefits

Originality is our top priority with no compromise on quality. All the vehicles are insured in our care.  At Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel, we specialize in restoring vintage and timeless cars. We have also restored different kinds of retro cars. Here at Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel, we have the latest paint ovens that not only allow us to complete timeless car restorations to a showroom finish but also enable us to make that finish to the original specification. The paint job is the most apparent aspect of any car restoration project, so it should be right.

 You can stay assured that our fully experienced body specialists and paint sprayers will pay attention to detail from preparation to final coat to make sure that a professional finish in accomplished every time. Most of our car restoration projects call for a complete repaint of the entire car inside, outside and below. 

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