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Service Overview

The restoration of your coveted car can be a journey filled with satisfaction and pride. At Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel, we have found that the most cost-efficient and the best results are accomplished when the owner of the car and Rapley work together right from the beginning. You are involved in every step of the process. With our hands on management and proficient technicians, we can carry out routine maintenance to a complete frame off, show quality timeless automotive repair & restoration in Taree.  We serve to the clients that are worried about the top quality customer service, accurate craftsmanship and caring treatment of their vehicles. 

Although we provide the highest level of customer service and craftsmanship, we keep our rates fair and affordable.  We will work according to your budget. Not every car needs a complete restoration. We will recommend the ideal restoration based on car safety and your available budget. You are the one who will make the decisions. Frequently, the extra work needed to be done at a later date. We will work with a monthly budget. Tell us how much you want to budget monthly for the restoration and we will work up to that amount. 

Why Choose Us

When your vehicle isn’t working like a brand new one, you want to take it to a talented, knowledgeable professional equipped with the tools that can find and solve your issue to the highest standard. You want someone honest that delves deep inside your car to find the root cause of the issue. Most importantly, you require someone who is patient and doesn’t lose their temper with you. You need someone like us that explains the diagnosis in layman language to impart in you the confidence to make a sound decision. 

Panel Beating Bohnock
Panel Beating Bohnock

Your Benefits

Are you sick of being forced to book your car when it needs the mechanic? Or maybe you are paying too much? With big companies, car owners are generally treated like numbers. Rapleys Custom Paint & Panel is an owner operated business that doesn’t have a parent company or stakeholders or external investors. We ourselves are the company and we only answer to ourselves. And as a leading auto repair shop, we have a flat structure and a sleek system. 

At Rapley’s Custom Paint & Panel, our professional affiliations include memberships in the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers and the Australian Refrigeration Council. Moreover, all our mechanics are licensed and qualified to work on your vehicle. We are a RAC authorized repair shop and an Authorized Vehicle inspection station. 

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